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Table 1 Clinical and imaging characteristics of lipoma, liposarcoma and hibernoma.

From: Hibernoma: a rare case of adipocytic tumor in head and neck.

Clinical features Lipoma Liposarcoma Hibernoma  
Size <5 cm (80% cases) >5 cm >5 cm  
Growth Slow Slow/moderate/high Slow/moderate/high  
Age 25-65y >50y 30-50y  
Clinic Asymptomatic +++ Asymptomatic ++ Asymptomatic ++  
Sexe ratio M = F M > F F > M  
MR Imaging Well-homogeneous Variably homogeneous Variably homogeneous  
Characteristics Well-circumscribed Well-circumscribed Well-circumscribed  
  Less vascularized Variably vascularized (C+) Variably vascularized (C+)  
  No nodular lesion Possible nodular lesion Possible nodular lesion  
  T1: Hyper (as fat) T1: Hyper (less than fat/lipoma) T1: Hyper (less than fat/lipoma)  
  T2: Hyper (as fat) T2: Hyper T2: Hyper  
  STIR/T2 Fat Sat: removing signal STIR/T2 Fat Sat: no removing signal STIR/T2 Fat Sat: no removing signal  
  Septa:<2 mm (C+) Septa:>2 mm (C+) Septa:>2 mm (C+)  
  1. C + = contrast +; F = female; M = male; y = year. Many case presentations allowed the realization of this Table [2, 3, 6,7,8, 12, 13].