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Table 1 Measures used in baseline, 12 week and one year follow-up questionnaires.

From: An evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of booklet-based self-management of dizziness in primary care, with and without expert telephone support

Measure Baseline 12 week One year
Demographic characteristics X   
Duration of current symptoms X   
Diagnosis received X   
Dizziness due to head movements X   
Vertigo Symptom Scale - Short Form (VSS-SF) X X X
Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI) X X X
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) X X X
Management of dizziness (consultations in primary and secondary care and other sources; hospital stays; medication/treatment; days off work) X   X
Quality of Life (EuroQoL - EQ-5D) X X X
Your dizziness or unsteadiness now   X X
Problematic Experiences of Therapy Scale
(PETS; booklet arms only)
Adherence to therapy (booklet arms only)   X  
Total time spent on each exercise (booklet arms only)   X  
Continuation of therapy (booklet arms only)    X