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Table 2 Audiometry findings, present regimen and length of aminoglycoside use in all four patients using capreomycin (Group III)

From: Audiologic monitoring of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patients on aminoglycoside treatment with long term follow-up

Sr. No. Length of treatment (Days) Present regimen (Drugs) PTA0 PTA2 PTA4 PTA6 PTA8 PTA10 PTAc
1 247 C, F, E, P, Clo N N N N N N N
2 254 C, F, E, P, Clo N N N N N N N
3* 120 C, F, E, P, Clo N N HFL HFL HFL HFL HFL
4 240 C, F, E, P, Clo N N N N N N N
  1. C = capreomycin, F = flouroquinolone, E = ethionamide, P = Paraminosalicylic acid, Clo = Clofazimine, Days = days of aminoglycoside use in present regimen, PTA0 = baseline pure tone audiogram, PTA2 = pure tone audiogram after 2 months of aminoglycoside use, PTA4 = pure tone audiogram after 4 months of aminoglycoside use, PTA6 = pure tone audiogram after 6 months of aminoglycoside use, PTA8 = pure tone audiogram after 8 months of aminoglycoside use, PTA10 = pure tone audiogram after 10 months of aminoglycoside use, PTAc = pure tone audiogram after completion of therapy for MDR-TB, N = Normal, HFL = High frequency loss (hearing loss involving frequencies of 4000, 6000 and 8000 Hz), FLAT = Hearing loss involving frequencies in range of 250–3000 Hz along with involvement of 4000, 6000 and 8000 Hz (Criteria for hearing loss as defined in methods section). * Patient in group III with audiological evidence of hearing loss