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Table 2 A. otitidis isolates cultured from ear discharge swabs

From: Quantitative PCR of ear discharge from Indigenous Australian children with acute otitis media with perforation supports a role for Alloiococcus otitidis as a secondary pathogen

Sample Days of culture until A. otitidis was isolated Penicillin MIC Erythromycin MIC Azithromycin MIC
HBA agar BHI agar with 6.5%NaCl
Child A (Left ear) 5 7 0.19 4 1.5
Child A (Right ear) 2 5 0.125 3 2
Child B 14 5 0.006 >256 128
Child C Not detected* 9 0.19 >256 >256
Child D 7 Not detected 0.032 96 64
  1. Culture and antibiotic susceptibility data for five isolates from four children (designated child A-D). All cultures were positive for other bacteria after two days’ incubation. MIC values are in μg/mL. In the absence of A. otitidis-specific CLSI breakpoints, the MIC values used to define pneumococcal susceptibility were applied[28]. For oral penicillin V: sensitive ≤0.06μg/mL, intermediate susceptibility 0.12-1μg/mL, resistant ≥2μg/mL. For erythromycin: sensitive ≤0.25μg/mL, intermediate susceptibility 0.5μg/mL, resistant ≥1μg/mL. For azithromycin: sensitive ≤0.5μg/mL, intermediate susceptibility 1μg/mL, resistant ≥2μg/mL. HBA = Horse blood agar. *This plate was overgrown by a Proteus sp.